Fieldnotesapp README (v.001)

Fieldnotesapp README (v.001)




Fieldnotes app proposed hierarchy

|-Note card (show all notecards, create new notecard)
|----- Location, Date, Time, General Description // public
|----- Analysis, Findings // public, private option //private/public
|----- Journal //this is where researcher writes personal observations; preferably private but has option to make public
|----- Data Sources [@dataSources.all] <--- nestled mini-notecards //private/public
|--------- dataSource_1: activity (//NOTE:public option is open for comments from other users)
|----------dataSource_2: media ( photos, videos, audios, docs)
|--------- dataSource_3: interview
|--------- dataSource_4: external links
|----- Todo
|- Category
|- Tag
|- Search
|- Print/Export/Share Note card
|---- Activity
|---- Analysis
|---- Journal
|---- Append Activity and Analysis
|---- Append All

Leave suggestions and comments, in this note card . Thank you.